Can Invisalign Straigten my Teeth? (photo)

Hello. Well for starters I have always been self-conscious of my teeth. As you can see in the pictures below that I have an open bite because I used to suck my thumb. My teeth have also yellowed, despite brushing twice daily and flossing overtime. Do you think that I could have it for a whole year and have my teeth at least straight? I really want this because my wedding would be in the next two years and I want to be able to smile. Please get back at me as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Open Bite

Your bite looks like it's too much for invisalign.  Probably you would be better served by traditional braces.

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Invisalign Might Work, but You Need a Consultation with an Orthodontist.

It looks like not only do you have an open bite but you also have some minor crossbites. This is typical with thumb sucking habits. It also looks like you probably still have a bit of a habit, likely your tongue sitting between your teeth. Correcting your tongue position will be very important in being able to fix your bite.

Invisalign really seems to help correct tongue posture problems during treatment, but there may be other issues involved that could make Invisalign a poor choice. You need to sit down for full records with an orthodontist to talk about your options.

Scott Frey, DDS
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Invisalign to correct open bite

Open bites are hard to correct no matter which type of orthodontics you are using.  It is especially hard using invisalign.  I think your best bet is to see an orthodontist who is an expert on both braces and invisalign.

Good luck

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Can invisalign close my open bite?

Open bites are hard to correct no matter what type of appliance (braces, Invisalign) that you use.  In your case it will depend on factors such as your skeletal pattern, control of your tongue thrust (which I'm  sure you have) and other factors.  You're best bet is to see an orthodontist who is an expert with both braces and Invisalign

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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