How to Address my Open Bite and Crowded Teeth?

I went to my dentist for the first time for consultation. He said that I have minor open bite and I need to get my teeth straightened as well as a deep cleaning and whitening. Is there anything else I should know and take notice for? I'm very worried because I'm a singer and it brings down my confidence a lot. Please help me with opinions, options, any kind of help. I'm 16 years old. im also interested in Invisalign so can you tell me if I'm qualified for it or if I will benefit?

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Invisalign to correct overcrowding and open bite

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It is a little hard to see from your photo, however, I do believe you are a good candidate for Invisalign. Get your periodontal therapy (deep cleaning) and your Invisalign Records. Your dentist will make a computer simulation to see if Invisalign will work to achieve your goals. And you can whiten in your Invisalign trays.

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