Invisalign to Create Space for Adult Teeth?

I have 2 baby teeth. One has an adult tooth that has broken through and is slightly exposed. The other one has an adult tooth above it that has not broken through (is in the roof of my mouth).

I was planning on getting Braces to create space for the adult teeth then try to crank the adult teeth down into place. Can this be done with Invisalign?

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Creating space when the adult teeth have not fully come out yet is very difficult to do with Invisalign. I would recommend using traditional metal braces in your situation.


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Invisalign for erupting impacted teeth

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While your situation is relatively common (unerupted adult teeth where you need baby teeth removed and the adult teeth extruded), it is pretty advanced for an Invisalign case. It may be possible - your best bet would be to find an orthodontist (as opposed to general dentist) who also does Invisalign and ask for the pros/cons of braces vs. Invisalign for your case. Good Luck!

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