Can Invisalign Solve my Problem Start to Finish in 3 Appointments? (photo)

I must travel abroad for a job and before I go I want to get invisalign, but i have time only for the first 2 appointments-just to take the impressions and to get the sets of aligners with me and travel. Can invisalign solve my problem without having to go to checks until the end of the treatment? If not then what can i do? Can I go to another doctor in the other country to ask him to monitor my case? What should i have with me, for him to be able to help me?

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Invisalign and travel

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Starting Invisalign and leaving with no plans to return to the Invisalign provider is not wise but if the business is for 2 or less months and then a return even if for a short period can happen, this would be workable.  Otherwise, it would be better to start in your business location if the stay is for an extended time.  Invisalign providers are all over the world and Invisalign can help you find one online near you.  Another option may be to get more then one provider to coordinate care in the different locations and you could carry your case aligners with you to the different providers.  You should always be monitored while you proceed with your care every several weeks as problems can develop.

Invisalign in only 3 appointments

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You can do Invisalign in 3 visits, but you do take a risk. My advice is to agree with the dentist to send him close up photos every 6 weeks. If all is progressing well then see the dentist at the end and expect some refinement.

If not you may have to get new impressions and photos sent to your existing dentist.

Case transfer is difficult if you have paid all your fees to one dentist.

Spaces are easy to treat with Invisalign because you already have a space and no dentist intervention is needed until the teeth come together.

If you are staying in 1 place then start there.#

I have treated many cases start to finish in 3 visits.


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