Can I Do Invisalign with Severe Crowding?

I have crowded teeth with a v-shaped arch: one maxillary lateral incisor behind one of my central incisor (but not completely), exclusion of lower eye teeth and two impacted wisdom teeth (but plan to have all 4 removed anyways). Probably could do orthodontics with extraction or only extraction on lower arch. However, I'm wondering if and how I could do Invisalign, i.e. length and rough price? I can upload picture to help.

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You most likely should consider full ortho with brackets

Invisalign is designed to do minor tooth movement and is limited in how much it can move teeth. Your case sounds like it needs full occlusal (bite) and esthetic realignment.

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Invisalign for Crowded Teeth

Invisalign is an excellent treatment for crowded teeth. It may take a little longer (12-18 months as opposed to 6-12 months), however the technology is excellent and does a GREAT job correcting overcrowding. Definitely get all 4 wisdom teeth removed -- if you do so prior to Invisalign, the treatment may move along more quickly.

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
Atlanta Dentist
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