Invisalign for a Autistic Patient with Tuberous Sclerosis?

I am a father of an 18-year-old who has tuberous sclerosis and is autistic. She needs to be sedated for any work to be done on her. She lives in TN with her mother who will have to accompany her because of her occasional seizures. I just would like to know if having Invisalign is possible for her?

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Invisalign for Special Need Patients

Invisalign will work on your daughter's teeth. The problem I have with Invisalign on any kind of teenager - is compliance. You HAVE to wear the Invisalign trays all of the time (22hours per day) for the treatment to work. So, if your daughter is excellent at compliance, there is no reason not to choose Invisalign to straighten her teeth.

However, if you think she may forget to wear them, or will have trouble wearing them all the time, you may want to try traditional orthodontics. Otherwise you guys may find yourselves -- like my other teen parents -- following their kids around making sure the Invisalign trays are in. Good Luck!

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