Invisalign and Root Canal

I have invisalign and now i need a root canal. will it effect my invisalign?

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Invisalign and root canal

Typically, when my patients are getting a root canal and are in the midst of invisalign treatment, I suggest that they limit, and sometimes stop, their invisalign use while getting the root canal. Once the root canal is finished and the tooth is stabilized, then we restart active invisalign treatment. Usually the root canal tooth requires a large restoration or a crown, and thus the original invisalign trays will not fit over the new restoration.

Thus, we take new impressions and get new invisalign trays which fit over the new resoration on the root canal treated tooth. If the old invisalign trays can fit over the new restoration, then we can proceed with the treatment as is. Some restorative dentists, depending on the stability of the tooth, will put a temporary filling in the tooth, and then we proceed with invisalign and once invisalign treatment is finished, the final restoration on the root canal treated tooth is placed.

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