How to Get an Invisalign Refund?

I finished treatment with Invisalign.  My teeth are still crooked with a space between my front teeth. Has anyone in Calif. pursued getting any of their money back with success? Did you have to go to court?

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Should a disatisfied Invisalign patient get a refund?

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We do invisalign in our office and have for a couple of years. I have not run into this problem in my practice. We work with Align Tech and send all of the impressions to them and they send back a three dimensional model that shows the patient how the teeth will move and the end result. the patient has to agree to what they see or we do not do it. the dentist is responsible to show exactly the end result that is given to him from Invisalign. Also, the patient must do their part and follow through with all of the treatment. We have nothing but satisfied patients so far.

To address the comment made by the second person re:their teeth moving 30 minutes after the aligner is taken off. This can happen especially if the patient is younger and their teeth will shift and a retainer is needed. Older patients having this procedure have less of a chance of their teeth moving after treatment. This should have also been explained to the patient and an informed consent form should have been signed by dentist and patient, with the knowledge that the patient understood the treatment and the outcome.

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