Invisalign Redo or Just Corrections Necessary to Fix Gap?

I went through the invisalign treatment. The retainer popped off on a Friday and my teeth shifted before Monday. My orthodontist said that my retainer was not loose. I went to my dentist and he saw that it was. I now have a gap in the front of my teeth.

My orthodontist said that I would hve to get back in a long line and spend more money to get this fixed. Do you have to get in a long line and pay more money to get your teeth straightened like was paid for?

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Talk with your orthodontist

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I would recommend that you talk with your orthodontist about how you feel and what happened. If you saw your orthodontist in a timely manner since realizing that your fixed retainer was loose, he should be able to suggest some ways to help you close that space. If he is a kind and reasonable person, there should not be a large additional fee for this. I am unclear what your orthodontist means by "long line" as it seems that since you have been a current patient that you should have priority.

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