Invisalign Recovery

Do I need to give myself any downtime after starting Invisalign? Will the first trays really hurt? What about getting button attachments?

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Invisalign Recovery

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Interesting question. Honestly in 12 yrs of practice and over 400 Invisalign cases I have never had anyone ask it quite like that.

The first 12 hours your trays will feel the tightest. There should be no down time at all, unless you have an extremely low pain tolerance. If there is any discomfort you can take what you would take for a mild headache.

I recommend that my patient who experience this place their new trays after dinner and brushing their teeth, take a Tylenol pm and by am most of the tough part is over.

The trays loose half there rigidity within the first 12 hours.

Go for it!

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