Same As Quoted Invisalign Price if Less Aligners Are Needed?

I wanted to know about the Invisalign pricing in Australia. I'm having the treatment for mild overcrowding of my lower teeth and a 1mm gap in between my front upper teeth. The orthodontist quoted me $7000 for a year and half of the treatment. When I got the plan back with my first set of aligners, she told me I only needed 5 upper and 9 lower to fix the problem. Does the price change for that, seeing I dont need as many aligners? Should I be paying the original price quoted?

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Is Invisalign fee per case or per tray?

I agree with Dr. Virk. Talk with your dentist or orthodontist about this. I will typically charge ~$7000 for treatment. After treatment has been completed, there is a fee for ongoing Invisalign retainers. Good Luck!

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It could be first set of aligners only!!

Often what happens is that Refinements are needed after intial set of aligners. Once you have gone through the first set af aligners your orthodontist will be doing a thorough evaluation and will be deciding the movements needed to properly finish the alignment of teeth.

Your specific case cannot be commented specifically as I dont have any diagnostic records to review. I would strongly suggest having an open conversation with your Orthodontist.

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