On My 25th Tray of Invisalign and Top Tray Doesn't Fit?

I'm currently on my 25th tray with Invisalign. I haven't had any issues until now. I'm not able to change my upper tray, but the bottom fits fine. I contacted my orthodontist and they said to wear the new bottom set and wear the old top set and use the white "chewie" to kind of set the teeth into place. My question is how long should I be using the chewie to ensure that I will be able to eventually fit the top tray? Thanks!

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May need refinement

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If your 25th upper tray does not fit after using a "chewie" for a week or two then probably this lack of fit could have started earlier and the only choices are to go back one aligner and see if it fits well and then go forward from that point or to do a refinement.  Having to do a "Refinement" which involves new impressions, etc and getting a new series of aligners after you have worn 25 aligners is not that unusual and is always included at no charge as part of the treatment.

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