Tooth With Discoloration Has No Canal; Can I Proceed With Invisalign?

Hi, I have a big gap between my two front teeth and wanted to get invisalign. In my recent visit to dentist, she recognized one of my front teeth is discolored (to light yellow) and on xray it showed no canal on that teeth. She said it could possibly calcified. I've no infection or inflammation. Now, should I proceed with my invisalign? Please advise. Thanks April

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Invisaling with a tooth that has no canal

This should have no effect on your Invisaling treatment. All natural teeth, whether they have crowns, root canals etc. can move with equal efficiently. You probably just want to make sure that the dentist keeps an eye on it in case some dental intervention needs to be done.

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Tooth With Discoloration & No Canal

Sounds like that tooth wil;l have a long-term guarded prognosis. It needs Root Canal Therapy, which might not be totalle effective if the canal is totally calcified. You should get an opinion from an Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist). In any case, you can proceed with the Invisalign with the knowledge that this tooth may evenyually be lost.

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