Invisalign Question - Oral Hygiene and Invisalign?

Hi, RE: Invisalign-- I know this may seem extremely trivial, but right now the highest of my worries is hygiene and kissing. I have read that I should "kiss goodbye to my social and romantic life", as kissing will be difficult and there will always be an issue with bad breath. However, as long as I keep both my teeth and the alligners clean as advised by my dentist, can I keep this from being an issue? Thanks in advance! Ashton

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Oral Hygiene - Invisalign - Kissing - Orthodontist

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Cute Question.  Keep up with your oral hygiene and make sure your aligners are clean.  Should not have any negative impact on your social and romantic life.  Here are a few tips.  Never eat or drink (besides water) with your aligners on.  Also many products on the market to clean your aligners, my favorite is Retainer Brite.  Good luck!

Pensacola Orthodontist

Invisalign is removable and easily cleanseable to prevent bad odors from building up

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One of the many great benefits of Invisalign or "Clear Aligner Treatment" over standard bracket and wire braces is the ability to have a normal social and romantic life. Maintaining clean aligners and proper oral hygiene will keep bad breath away.  Since the Aligners are removable and are changed weekly or bi weekly they should be easily maintained.  Never eat or drink anything aside from water with the aligners in the mouth and properly clean them at least 2X a day.  A great product that we have found that works very well and does not harm the plastic is OAP Cleaner.  It can be found on amazon or directly from

Oral Hygiene and Invisalign

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There should be no lack of a social and romantic like because of Invisalign. Maintaining clean aligners and teeth are the key to keeping bad odors away. Also, everything is removable! So you can take them out when necessary :)

Svetlana Novak, DMD
Natick Dentist

Oral Hygiene and Invisalign

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very interesting question. I've never had a patient complain that they could not kiss because of Invisalign. Keep the aligners and teeth as clean as possible, and you should not have any romantic problems. By the way, you can always remove the aligners for an hour or two of romantic interlude.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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