Am I on a New Invisalign Plan?

I just got Invisalign last week and I have 20 aligners for both the top and the bottom. My orthodontist said that he has me on a different plan to switch the aligners out every week, which means I will only be on treatment for 5 months. I don't have Invisalign express, it says Invisalign - Teen on the box. Are there plans that allow you to change the aligners every week?

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Invisalign is designed for 2 week changes

Some doctors try to get creative, in many ways.  I do NOT suggest one week intervals.

Anectotally, in a lecture I heard a person state that a patient did the one week intervals on their own, but the case relapsed fairly quickly.

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I've never heard of this.

Sometimes we can speed up treatment a little bit but Invisaling does not recommend it at all. Changing your aligners each week can cause root shortening of the teeth which is not a nice side affect and stays with you a life time. The invisalign program is designed for every two weeks.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
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