Invisalign Pain. What To Expect?

Im due to have my attachments put on and receive my first set of aligners in a few weeks. Is it fair to assume that the degree of discomfort would be related to the degree of misalignment of the teeth

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Discomfort with Invisalign

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With the materials now avalible for Braces the discomfort compared to Invisalign is equal. Something there is soreness, sometimes there is no presssure and you wonder if anythign is happening. I did Invisalign on myself and never took Tylenol-but it is always an option.


Truth be told-it really is determiend more by your threashold for pain. And Oral pain is very different than body aches. Meanig you can break an arma nd not cry but you teeth can be sore and feel  cranky-and visa versa

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Comfort level with Invisalign

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There is an adjustment period when you start wearing Invisalign aligners. You will notice some pressure on the teeth, and your lips and tongue may notice the edge of the plastic in different areas. After a few weeks however you may not even notice that the aligners are in your mouth. We typically give our patients a week or two to get used to wearing the aligners before we put the attachments on.

Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
San Ramon Orthodontist

Pain with invisalign

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Invisalign aligners are removable, invisible and most importantly comfortable. The discomfort you might feel is more related to the insertion of the new aligner, rather than the degree of misalignment. Every 2 weeks, when you replace the aligner you will notice discomfort the first day or so and then it will go away.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Pain with Invisalign?

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As the tooth movement is programmed into each aligner to be a small and specific amount with each aligner, you should not experience any pain with treatment.  The degree of alignment or even the placement of attachments should not result in discomfort.  Each new aligner will feel tight the first day or so, but should not be painful.  It's one of the great features of Invisalign treatment.

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

Type of pain to expect from Invisalign

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The discomfort you might feel is more related to the insertion of the new aligner, rather than the degree of misalignment. Every 2 weeks, or so, when you start wearing a new aligner, you will experience that discomfort for a day or 2. It's well worth it!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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