Invisalign for Overcrowded Front Teeth?

I have had a consultation with regards to Invisalign treatment. My teeth are overcrowded at the front. There isn't enough space for them so to make room, I would either have to have a tooth out, or have them filled down and my teeth moved out slightly to create a horseshoe shape to make the room at the front. If I'm having my teeth moved out, wouldn't that just cause problems with me closing my mouth? My teeth wouldn't sit properly on top of one another? Does that make sense? How does it work?

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Invisalign works for overcrowded front teeth

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Remember that the Dentist is designing your case and will control how your teeth fit together at the end. There is no mystery in doing invisalign. The dentist would not allow your lower teeth to stick out more than your upper teeth..Doing arch expansion and sanding between your front teeth is very common now days in treating cases just like yours. Good luck!

Dr Thomas

Los Angeles Dentist

Expanding arches to make room for crowded teeth

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Expansion of the arches and slenderizing (making small spaces between the teeth) are the most common methods used by Invisalign to make room in an over crowded arch. The reason I always treat both upper and lower arches together (instead of just one arch), is so that the opposing arch teeth will move together and continue to bite properly.

Arch expansion is common

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This is a common question.  If BOTH arches are expanded, then they will continue to fit.  This is why treating only one arch can limit our success.

I would STRONGLY advise to avoid tooth removal, unless there just was NO other way.  The effects are many, most are bad.

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