Invisalign for Bad Overbite on Patient with Braces?

I got braces put on in California. I now live in AZ and I have been to three different orthodontist who say they won't take them off. I don't know what to do.

I have a really bad overbite and now I'm being told I have to surgery to correct it. I really don't want that. So my questions are: can Invisalign work or at least make it better? Even if its not 100 percent. Will an orthodontist let me try Invisalign? Any information would be great! : )

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Invisalign first, surgery second

I've had 3 patients in the last two years that were told they needed $30,000 worth of jaw surgery to correct their deep bite, etc. On all 3 patients I told them to please try Invisalign first and let us see how much improvement we can achieve.

If they didn't like the results, then surgery can certainly be done after. All 3 patients have yet to get surgery because even though we didnt get a perfect bite, the patients loved the fact that they got a huge improvement without going under the knife and major surgery.

Los Angeles Dentist
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Invisalign not the best treatment for deep overbite

Invisalign is not the treatment of choice when correcting a deep overbite. The way Invisalign attempts to correct the overbite is by intruding the upper and bottom front teeth only. The real problem with an overbite is that the back bottom molars need to be extruded thus correcting the front teeth overbite. Conventional braces can easily correct a deep overbite and often is used in conjunction with Invisalign. The treatment could be braces only or braces on the bottom teeth first then that is followed with Invisalign aligners on the top only (after the overbite is corrected).

Bernard Greenbaum, MD
Bethesda Dentist

Invisalign is a tool for improving your bite

If you have a very deep bite, you will probably benefit from jaw surgery. It sounds gruesome, however if you have the right dentist/surgeon team, your procedure will cause minimal discomfort and your outcomes have the potential to be life-changing. If you were my patient, I would probably ask you to do a consultation with my oral surgeon to weigh all of the pros/cons. Invisalign will work to slightly improve a deep bite - but if you have already tried to do so with traditional ortho, it is really doubtful that Invisalign will do anything further. Your other option is to use porcelain to open your bite. If you're in Scottsdale/Phoenix, I recommend you check with Dr. Trent Smallwood to pick his brain. Good Luck!

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
Atlanta Dentist
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