Will I Need to Have a Few Teeth Removed to Use Invisalign?

I've consulted with my orthodontist about getting braces and a prerequisite for that is to have four teeth removed to allow the braces room to move the remaining teeth. If I went the Invisalign route, would that still be a necessity?

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Same rules apply for brackets or invisalign

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Teeth move when force is applied. The force can be generated with brackets and wires or with Invisalign aligners. That is the only difference with the methods. All other rules are the same. If there is no room, there is no room.

However, you may find that another office will suggest arch expansion instead of extractions. If that was a possibility, that would be my choice.

Yes. Extraction pattern should be the same

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A key point to remember is that Invisalign is just another way to move teeth. It isn't magic. If there isn't enough room to fit your teeth in and you require extractions with braces, it doesn't change because you use Invisalign.

There will, however, be a difference in the timing of extractions, appliances used, and actual movement of the teeth. Keep in mind that there are very few qualified orthodontists who are able to provide treatment of Invisalign with extractions.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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