Was Told Openbites are Never Good Invisalign Candidates, Is this Still True?

What are the chances of treating a 2mm openbite with Invisalign? I'm in college and wouldn't want braces until I graduate but that is 3 years from now. Unfortunately I have difficulties biting and I'm worried about developing TMJ or other severe ailments or having the gap grow. I went to an office almost a year ago and they told me openbites are never good candidates for invisalign. Where do we stand today? Thanks in advance for the replies!

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Invisalign may or may not work....

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This about sums up the answers from the other doctors so far.  Although Invisalign has gotten better at correcting minor openbites.  It is still one of the more difficult malocclusions to correct.  An experienced orthodontist using bone anchors may help increase the odds.  Since your are concerned aobut cosmetics, another very good option to look into is Incognito.  These are braces attached to the back of the teeth and allow more predictable movements than Invisalign can promise.  In fact, in the case of openbites, Invisalign gives the doctor a discclaimer that it may not work.  Incognito has shown excellent results in all kinds of bite problems, including openbites.  And they are truly invisible and you don't have to remember to take them in and out all the time.

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Good candidate to do Invisalign for an openbite?

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At this stage in life, you understand the value of having a confident smile. Whether it's in a business presentation, or just an evening out with friends, you know that being self-conscious about your teeth will only restrict you from being yourself. But for you, braces are just not a choice you're willing to consider.  Many people believe that Invisalign is only effective at treating minor orthodontic issues. But the fact is that our 96% patient satisfaction rate1 is a result of successfully treating a broad range of cases, from overly crowded teeth and underbites to jaw problems and tooth misalingment. Going for a consultation with a Certified Invisalign  Dentist will be your best shot. Always explore your options.


Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Openbites are Never Good Invisalign Candidates = NOT TRUE

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Open bites can be treated with invisalign.  What you want to do is talk with a qualified invisalign provider and ask specifically for your current situation, "can my open bite be closed to ideal?"  2mm is certainly in the range of open bites that can be treated with invisalign orthodontics.  You can search invisalign.com and find examples of cases that have been succuessfully treated.  Good luck to you and I hope that you find the right provided that will help you with your situation.   Dr. Jim Salazar

James D. Salazar, DDS
Encinitas Dentist

Open bites CAN be treated with Invisalign

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But not ALL cases.  Each case is unique and should be evaluated individually, but severe open bites are likely not a good option.  Your case sounds minor and Invisalign may work, but the office you went to may not have much experience with it.  Another clinical opinion may be a good idea (another exam elsewhere).

Invisalign and open bite.

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It is difficult to correct an open bite with invisalign and have stability.  There can be a tendency for relapse.  It is is a moderate to severe open bite I think conventional braces and periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) or TADS are more predictable in intruding or extruding teeth.  Seek Multiple opinions.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Invisalign is my appliance of choice for open bites

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Whether or not you are an Invisalign candidate is going to depend on the intiial condition of your teeth as well as the skill of your doctor in using Invisalign to correct those problems.  There is a wide range of ability and experience with Invisalign.

In our office, open bites are usually treated with Invisalign.  The results tend to be more stable since the back teeth are usually intruded rather than extruding the anterior teeth.  The issue with fixed braces is that they tend to open up the bite, and anterior teeth that are extruded do not have anything to hold them in place after treatment is completed (even with retainers).  By intruding posterior teeth with Invisalign, the bite can close, and the use of full coverage retainers like Vivera or Invisalign, along with the natural bite, will hold the teeth in place.

We have a local dental hygienist in treatment with us.  Her brother is an oral surgeon and told her there is no way to use braces or Invisalign to help correct the bite, and recommended she have surgery.  She is nearing the end of treatment with aligners and the bite has nearly closed... just an idea of what can be done with an experienced Invisalign doctor!

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

Invisalign is good option for some open bite cases

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Hi. Recent case studies from invisalign have shown that invisalign can be a good option for open bites, depending on the cause of the open bite- dental or skeletal. I would recommend seeing an orthodontist who treats with invisalign to advise you of your treatment options and expectations. The long term stability of open bite correction is always an issue regardless of whether treated with braces or invisalign.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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