Will Invisalign Make my Teeth Perfect? (photo)

My bottom teeth are almost perfect but my top teeth need alot of help. My top left teeth are all eather in front or almost even with my bottom teeth. My 3 top right teeth are behind my bottom teeth and the rest of my teeth on the right side is almost even with my bottom teeth. Will Invisalign make my teeth perfect or will I need braces? I am spending my own money so I need help. Please answer this question to. How long will my teeth take untill the process is over?

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There is no such thing as perfect :)

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Your teeth are not coming together in an ideal way and you have what is called a crossbite.  Orthodontics and perhaps surgery may be able to correct the problem.  Invisalign or conventional braces may be utilized.  A thorough assessment is required to see which tools will best accomplish the treatment.  As far as being perfect, modern dentistry can get your smile and teeth to look as good as they can, but perfect we leave for the divine creator. 

Toronto Dentist

Invisalign Will NOT Make Your Teeth Perfect

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You have a severe cross-bite. You most likely will need traditional orthodontics (braces) to correct your situation. Seek out a few consults with orthodontists to get an idea of what's involved.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Invisalign and Perfection

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People will always have a better looking and more functional smile and bite after Invisalign treatment.  And since perfection is in the eye of the beholder you actually might end up with YOUR prefect smile!  However a crossbite such as yours is a very, very tough for Invisalign alone to correct.  It might be able to be done - you will need to seek out someone who is very experienced with Invisalign, preferably an orthodontist who can add brackets if additional movement is needed.

No. Braces are needed

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Invisalign can make a lot of cases "better", but can't to EVERYTHING.  This is a case of what is called crossbite and needs traditional braces with an orthodontist to be corrected.  Also, due to wear and tear, you may need to consider some restorations to fix any chipped or worn teeth that were affected by the bite.

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