Missing Adult Teeth Matters for Invisalign?

I have severe bottom crowding, and an overbite. I have several teeth that are missing, including my eye teeth. Does the missing adult teeth matter for Invisalign treatment?

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Invisalign For Paitents With Missing Adult Teeth

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Invisalign works well for cases with overcrowding. With missing eye teeth (canines) you and your dentist will need to decide if you are going to reopen these spaces to place implants to replace the canines. You might want to get an opinion from an orthodontist who does both traditional braces and Invisalign -- he or she will be best able to guide you.

It may take longer for treatment

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Invisalign is capable of handling cases like this, but it may take longer to treat this way compared to wire orthodontics. If the teeth don't move as anticipated by the software, it may be necessary to do what Align technologies calls a "mid course correction". If several are needed, there may be additional fees as well as additional time.

Having said that, your condition may not be as challenging as you fear and it would be best to seek the advice of an Invisalign provider.

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