Latest Teeth Straightening Techniques Without Wires or Braces?

I am considering Invisalign for my sixteen-year old daughter, as she doesn't like to wear braces at all. Is there any latest technology to straighten teeth without using wires and braces? Please suggest and also the approximate cost involved in such procedure.

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Consider Incognito - Invisible Braces

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Invisalign may work well for certain as long as she is completely compliant in wearing them. Another option to consider is Incognito. Although there are brackets and wires, they are hidden on the back of the teeth so no one can see them. And since they are attached to the teeth they are always working, and will allow us to move teeth in any direction, even in the most severe cases. These are the latest in state-of-the-art treatment for cosmetically conscious patients. As such there are a limited numbe of orthodontists who are certified to use them.

Good luck with your choices.

Atlanta Orthodontist

Invisalign Teen costs $3000 to $6000

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She could do Invisalign teen or adult invisalign. They are the same treatments really but the teen version has built in markers that allow the dentist to monitor the amount of time the teen is wearing the aligners. Teens today are very looks conscious so the invisalign is a better option if you want them to accept the treatment.

Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign Teen may be an option

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Invisalign teen is invisalign made especially for teenagers and may be a good option for your daughter as long as she is a candidate for invisalign, (this will depend on the severity of her malocclusion, the amount of crowding, etc.). Invisalign consists of sets of clear removable aligners that slowly move the teeth over time. Compliance is a must with this treatment. The price will depend on the treatment time and the severity of the malocclusion and in my office the price will run between $5000 -$8000.

I hope that this is helpful!

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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