Is Invisalign a Good Option for Me?

I am 63. I need alignment particularly on my front teeth. It mainly affects only the incisors. The upper ones have a large gap, and the lower once are too tight and overlap.

I tried braces 10 years ago with partial success. Invisalign was just new then, and I was advised it would be the better option for me.

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Invisalign is an Option

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Sorry, but to advise you upon a single photograph would not be advisable....especially by what I see.  I would not be surprised to find that you have a very deep overbite, possibly decreased posterior support and bone support loss associated with your upper and lower incisors.  Understanding how these teeth became so spaced, what the plan is to prevent the spaces from reoccurring and what their periodontal health is is paramount to your case.  Yes, Invisalign can move your teeth but whether it is a "good" solution is questionable.  I would be interested why your previous attempt with braces resulted in "partial success" and would thus question whether an Invisalign approach would end similarly.   Your case could be a beautiful result but it requires pre-orthodontic evaluations, for sure.  Be ready, absolute closure of spaces like yours is difficult with braces or aligners.

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Invisalign is a great option for teeth spacing and alignment problems

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Of course Invisalign is a good option for you, assuming you have no periodontal disease and you do have sound bone. You have a case that would be great for what we call a "combo case". Using Invisalign to place the teeth in proper position and then finishing your smile with some cosmetic enhancements. Creating proper alignment and a great smile along the way.

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