I Have a Malocclusion & Moderate to Severe Crowding- Can I Do Invisalign Without Jaw Surgery ?

I have been told I have a malocclusion/moderate to severe crowding and treatment would require braces, jaw surgery, and braces again. I do have a longer profile because of my lower jaw. My lower jaw does protrude, however my top teeth cover my bottom teeth. What is the likelihood that I could go without surgery, and (hopefully) just treat this with Invisalign or traditional braces? I would really like to just use invisalign

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I Have a Malocclusion & Moderate to Severe Crowding- Can I Do Invisalign Without Jaw Surgery ?

As dentists we are trained to deliver a "perfect" results. That's is our goal. Your goal might or might not be different. I have a lot of patients, who after being presented all the options including surgery, chose NOT to go with the surgery. They were very happy with an improvement. As long as you are ok with an improvement in your smile, Invisalign or braces are ok. Only you can decide though. What is your goal?

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Malocclusion and Invisalign

I have treated several patinets in your situation wiht just Invisalign. If your top teeth already cover your bottom teeth than most likely you can just go with Invisalign. However, if your back teeth are in a crossbite than your situation may be more complicated and you may need tradtional braces and or surgery. Every case is different but your case seems promising and you very well may be able to avoid surgery and go with just Invisalign.. It just takes a consult to tell the difference.

Rod Strober, DDS
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Correcting bite with Invisalign

Often an acceptable result can be obtained without surgery, depending on the initial problem and your goals.  If your lower jaw is protrusive and your lower teeth are crowded it might be unrealistic to attempt a correction with just Invisalign.  If you are opting out of the surgery it may be necessary to do tooth extractions and if so,  traditional braces (including esthetic "tooth colored" braces) can control the teeth and close the spaces much better than Invsalign.  Consult an orthodontist who is experienced with both braces and Invisalign to get the best information about how all available treatment modalities would work for you.  Then you'll be in a position to make a decision that works for you.

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There are usually several options for orthodontic treatment...

What your doctor presented you may have been the "best" treatment plan to give you an optimal result. However, some patients, due to finances, time involved, fear, etc. may choose not to have surgery. Then, there are compromises in some situations that can be made to achieve an acceptable result. You and your doctor will have to arrive at this decision together...be it Invisalign, braces, or orthognathic surgery.

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Jaw surgery is a choice

While "perfect" would include surgery, skipping the surgery can still result in a nice case.  It may not be as good as if you followed ALL of the advice, but you may still be happy.  Only you can decide.

Invisalign can affect the bite, but often not as profoundly as traditional braces.  If you are ok with the case as a compromise, then you should be fine skipping the surgery.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Can I get away with just Invisalign?

Not every bite problem has to be corrected perfectly....there are usually treatment options with various pros and cons...get your orthodontist to talk with you about his and your goals and what will be necessary to achieve them...then make a decision

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