Invisalign/Invisalign Lite & Veneers - Da Vinci, Lumineers or Emax? (photo)

I am thinking of getting veneers as I would like my teeth to be a bit longer and all the same length. My upper lateral incisors are slightly crooked so I was wondering whether I need to get them straightened before I have veneers bonded? I was considering going with Invisalign Lite. Also, what kind of veneers are best suited to my teeth? I have sensitive teeth and I'm just a bit worried about the prepping although I heard that porcelain/composite look better than Lumineers? Photo's attached.

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Invisalign or veneers

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From the photos that you have provided us with I would definitely recommend veneers rather than invisalign.  I would not recommend Lumineers in any way shape or form.  I would also recommend you see an experienced cosmetic dentist

Invisalign or Veneers

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If you are looking for perfection, see an experienced cosmetic dentist who will recommend porcelain veneers, NOT LUMINEERS!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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