Would Insurance Coverage for Invisalign?

After reading many reviews, good and bad, I decided this is something I want to try. I have insurance and was wondering if something like Invisalign would be covered (at least most of the cost)?

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Invisalign is covered under Orthodontic policy

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Insurance will cover Invisalign under your Orthodontic policy, not your regular dental coverage. If you have that in your policy then a portion, not all of it, will be covered. If you have $1000 coverage for ortho then when the Dr bills the $5000 for the Invisalign, insurance will then pay only up to $1000 towards your treatment, not the $5000 that was billed.

Los Angeles Dentist

Yes, but only if you have orthodontic coverage on your...

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Yes, but only if you have orthodontic coverage on your insurance policy.  Many do not and many others only allow it up to a certain age.  Call your dental insurance company and ask them about your orthodontic coverage.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

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