Will my Teeth Ever Settle Despite Inadequate Invisalign Use?

In using Invisalign for over a year, I have become lazy, using my aligners usually only at night and at most half of a day. Will my teeth ever settle, and is there anything I can do?

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With Invisalign, you have several options

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Invisalign definitely works as long as you follow directions. Not wearing them as prescribed will not allow the treatment to work properly. 2 Questions you need to ask yourself:

Are you happy with where your teeth are in treatment right now? If so, maybe consider putting permanent retainers to stabilize them.

If not, then consider swiching to braces to have better control of your treatment outcome or start wearing your invisalign as directed by your doctor.

We know Invisalign works but we need patient compliance to reach the proposed results. Good luck!

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