Do I Really Need Invisalign for Bite Correction/Gum Recession Issues? I Have No Cosmetic Concerns That Would Prompt Me to Do It

My dentist found some gum recession on the inner aspect of my upper molars. Based on the pattern of the recession, he says it is most likely caused by an uneven bite or possibly clenching my jaw while I sleep (which as far as I know I don't do, but it's hard to say since it supposedly happens while I sleep). He thinks Invisalign is the best option to correct and prevent further recession. I don't have any symptoms, pain, etc but he says if I don't correct it now it will get much worse later.

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Invisalign for bite correction/gum recession and other options

Your explanation about the bite issue is really well written and keep in mind that every dentist can be right because we dont practice the same and have the same level of post grad continuum education.  Through Invisalign you will correct the misaligment if you have the problem. One other option to look into, is about Neuromuscular dentistry (most conservative approach), which helps to determine where the problem is comig from before moving or touching your teeth. One of the dentist mentioned a neuromuscular orthotic , and you will have to search for a Neuromuscular certified dentist to do this for you. Either way you will not go wrong because you will benefit from treatment, but the most conservative approach will give you better end results.

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Invisalign cannot treat gum recession

If all you have is gum recession on the molars and no wear on the chewing surfaces, then it's most likely due to a misalignment of these teeth and not grinding.  The manner in which your top and bottom teeth come into contact when you close as well as when you chew should be checked by your dentist to see if these particular teeth are making stronger contacts than the rest of your teeth which can then be gently "tweaked" to create more even contacts. 

Michael Firouzian, DDS
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Invisalign for gum recession, etc

It does not sound from what you are describing that invisalign would help solve your issues.  I would try something else

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Invisalign for Gum Recession Issues

That would be a great leap of faith to believe that Invisalign will stop your clenching and recession. Try some other methods such as a night-guard or a neuromuscular orthotic. Test the theory BEFORE moving the teeth.,

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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