Can Invisalign Fix Quarter Inch Teeth Gap?

I have a quarter inch gap between my two front teeth and I would like to close it or at least bring my front teeth closer together. This is hereditary.

Will Invisalign do the job? If so, approximately how long and how much? Thanks.

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Depends on other factors but probably....

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Look at one of my pictures under my profile.  It's a case I did with Invisalign about 2 years ago.  I would have suspected it was close to 1/4" wide in the beginning and Invisalign fully closed it.   

Invisalign for Closing Gaps

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Invisalign is an excellent option for closing gaps -- even a very large gap. After your records appointment, your dentist will create a computer simulation of your teeth moving to the ideal position. You can view this before and after before you even decide to move forward with treatment. 

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