I'm 16 yrs old, would an Invisalign fix an open bite? (photo)

I have a pretty severe open bite from chewing on my tounge when I was little which, in turn, caused a speech impediment. Anyways im 16 and I think traditional braces are a pretty ridiculous idea for someone my age and I wanted to know if invisalign would fix this. But I might also need a spike of some sort because occasionally I find myself chewing on my tounge still so invisalign might be out if the question. Also, would braces fix my gap?

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Invisalign to correct an open bite

It is hard to see how your bite is fitting together from this photo, which affects your treatment options. In general Invisalign is my first choice for correcting an open bite on the front teeth. I have found it to work better than braces, and does not require the use of spikes. The Invisalign covers all the teeth and decreases the influence of the tongue on tooth position. Once the open bite is corrected, I have found the Invisalign "Vivera" retainers to work well in keeping it closed. Look at the Invisalign website to find an experienced Invisalign orthodontist to verify if you are a candidate. Good luck!

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How to fix my open bite ... #DrSoftTouch #Invisalign

Based on your photo, you appear to be a better candidate for braces than for Invisalign.  Invisalign would not be likely to provide you with the best results in your particular case.  16 years old is definitely not too old for braces; if you get them now, you could be out of them by them in a few years.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
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