Can Invisalign Fix my Upper Front Teeth Which Slants to One Side? (photo)

I hope to fix the slant of my upper front teeth only and leave my lower teeth as they are. I am also curious how long treatment is likely to take (< 6 months, 6months - 1 year, > 1 year). Thanks!

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Slant of front teeth invisalign

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Invisalign can fix the slant. Your Dr will determine if the lower needs to be changed to make the bite fit after the tops are moved. Most importantly is a health and functional bite that look good and stay in place. Talk to your Dr. He can show you before and afters of your case

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Fixing Slant

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Yes you can fix your slant.  It is more complicated than it looks though.  You will either have to do braces or invisalign (preferable braces) or veneer the front two which is an invasie procedure.  I would recommend braces as having the best result and being the least invasive.  Lingual braces will work well.

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