Will Invisalign Fix my Openbite from 9 Years of Thumb Sucking?

I am not sure if it will, I have sucked my thumb for about 9 years. I need to know. This is an upright view of how my thumb has pushed my teeth forward. I want my teeth to be straight by about three years hopefully. I hear invisalign is more useful with helping an open bite. I do not know if my open bite is too severe to be treated by invisalign.

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Will invisalign fix my open bite caused by thumb sucking?

Always difficult to know for sure just by looking at a few pictures...that said, there is a good chance that Invisalign can improve and hopefully make perfect your mouth....best to see an orthodontist who does both Invisalign and braces to get the best info...good luck

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Open Bite

You might be able to correct this with Invisalign. Usually braces work better in this situation but Invisalign can align your front teeth and make the open bite smaller. Sometimes even braces alone cannot correct open bites completely either.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist
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Invisalign To Fix an Open Bite

I would recommend getting in to see a dentist that can get some mounted models of your teeth and get a good look at everything in all dimensions.  I do think invisalign can greatly benefit you.  If you go onto invisalign's website you can take a look at some further information.

Frank Orlando, DDS
New York Dentist
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Invisalign with Openbite

Invisalign cannot correct this. Openbites are more difficult to correct and traditional orthodontics is the best route of treatment.

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