Can Invisalign Fix Mistakes Caused By Expanders?

Hi everyone:) I got my braces off 2yrs ago. An expander was used & now my mouth is huge! The shape of my mouth was changed & my teeth my teeth are somewhat bucked & get in the way. Ive also experienced jaw problems that I didnt have before. I asked my ortho about it & he saw no problem. I got a second opinion about a year ago & I was told to stop wearing my top retainer. I did as told & now my teeth have shifted. Can invisalign fix my problems? I dont know what to do :( Thank you for your help!

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Yes Invisalign could fix this problem but...

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If used properly invisalign could fix this problem to the point where you are More happy with your smile. Maybe your teeth are too flared out in front and if brought back into position would improve your lip line and smile line and give you the appearance of a smaller mouth.

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Invisalign "COULD" fix a problem like this

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The Key word is "Could" fix a problem.  From what you say, it is hard to picture exactly what the problem is.  If it is the back bite, Invisalign may not be as effective.  If it is the front teeth protruding, the Invisalign could be effective in reducing the protrusion by using a newer feature of Invisalign that can help with the angulations of front teeth.  Since you already have a couple opinions, I would recommend you see another opinion or two to get your best options and one that you are very comfortable with.  Make sure the dentist who you see has treated at least a hundred cases before you.  I hope this is helpful.

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