Will Invisalign Fix Over-jet, Cross-bite, and Overbite?

I am dreading that I might have to get traditional braces and my dentist said that i might be able to get invisalign but he didnt say it with much possibility.

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Invisalign can fix overjet,crossbite and overbite.

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Each case is different depending on the severity of each of those issues. We can do a lot with Invisalign now and they are a GREAT alternative to old type of braces..

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Invisalign for overjet, crossbite and overbite

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I would recommend that you see an orthodontist who can advise you of your best treatment options. Whether or not you are a candidate for invisalign with overjet, crossbite, and overbite will depend on the extent of those problems, ie. whether they are minor or severe. It might be that invisalign is an option for you, but that there will be compromises and it is important for you to know what those compromises are and if you are okay with them. If your overjet, crossbite, and overbite are extreme, then you may need braces or even surgery with braces. It would be best to consult an orthodontist.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

Invisalign Can Fix Over-jet, Cross-bite, and Overbite.

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Invisalign treated over a million case. It advanced quite a bit since its earlier days. Technology is moving forward, and so is Invisalign. They are actually coming out this month with a new software and attachements, which will improve the results at the end tremendously and make achieving end results more predictable.

Invisalign definetely can improve overjet, overbite and crossbite. I have treated a lot of cases with those problems. Invisalign has its limitations. Each case has to be evaluated by a dentist to determine if it qualifies though.

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Michael Ayzin, DDS
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You'll need an exam

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To have a good and clear answer you'll need an exam. It depends on the degree of difficulty: if it is moderate to heavy overbite then you’ll need braces, braces will be more acceptable.
Dr. Barba

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist

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