Financing Options for Invisalign?

How much does Invisalign typically cost and do most places offer financing options?

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Cost and Financing of Invisalign

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Cost starts at $3,200 and goes up to $5,000. Express cases, or cases where patients wore braces or retainers in the past and quit wearing the retainer and their teeth shifted...or patients who had wire braces and were not satisfied with their smile, are usually candidates for an express case. The patients that want their teeth straighted through clear aligners have never had ortho work would be considered full invisalign. The later would run longer and be the most costly.

As to no interest finance plans, our office offers Capitol One, Care Credit and Chase Health Advantage. These act like credit cards for your dental health.

Van Nuys Dentist

Invisalign costs $3200-$7000

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Cost is dependant upon length of treatment which is different for EVERY case. Probably the best financing currently is through Chase Healthcare financing. CareCredit is not approving many people these days.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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