Invisalign Feels Loose?

I have rubber bands on my invisalign and on one of my canine teeth I have a rubber band that hooks on to it. When I put in the tray, it feels a little loose and it pulls down a very tiny tiny tiny bit to the point where I can move it up a little bit. The invisalign is still on my attachment, I can see it, but it feels loose and I can pull it up a little bit if I push on it. It is definitely the rubber band pulling it and I have had the tray in for six days. First set of trays. Is this normal?

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Invisalign Feels Loose After 6 Days

Invisalign trays are the tightest the day they are inserted, and they begin to feel more "normal" each day thereafter, to the point where they feel "loose" a week  later. This is NORMAL. if you are talking about the actual attachment that was bonded onto your canine, that attachment should NOT feel loose or move. Have your dentist check it if that is your case.

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