Invisalign Extruded my Upper Molars and Intruded my Lower Molars. Can They Correct This?

I went through Invisalign treatment to straighten a couple lower anterior teeth. Though it never showed on the Clincheck, the aligners pulled my upper molars down and pushed my lower molars down. Now the plane of my bite is sloped downwards, where it was completely straight before treatment. The changes took place quickly ( less than 4 months.)Can Invisalign fix this, and how should I go about it?

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Invisalign Clincheck is a guesstimation and not exact

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One of the problems with Invisalign is that the clincheck is mostly a guess.  It is a very GOOD guess, but teeth don't always move as hoped.  You could TRY and use Invisalign to correct it, but it may be more predictable with brackets and wires.

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