Invisalign Express for Teeth Gaps

I recently had an Invisalign consultation. I was told that I would be an express case and would require 9 trays on the top and bottom. The clincheck showed that I would still have gaps on my upper, believe between 5-6 and 11-12. Is this common?

I believe my doctor tagged the case as an express prior to sending out. But if it wasn't an express case, wouldn't the Invisalign clincheck come back with a longer time period? Is it common to need porcelain after the Invisalign is complete? My gaps aren't that large, but noticeable.

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Length of time is up to you and your dentist

The gaps are left over from treating the 6 front teeth gaps. They need to leave them somewhere. In the bicuspid area is a common place to leave them. The gap can be filled with white filllings and/or veneers. If you would like all the gaps closed, then it's sometimes possible to pull all the front teeth back, if your arch shape allows, can't judge that over the Internet. Express cases are great if you only need minor movement, but most of the time, the patient wants more than that at the end of treatment. Remorse usually sets in.

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