Will Invisalign Express Be Enough for Gapped Teeth?

My only problem is that I have space in between my front two teeth. My teeth are not crooked, nor severly damaged. Will Express be sufficient enough for me? The space is about 3-4 mm.

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The treatment depends upon the underlying cause. Is the gap because of the soft tissue in between the teeth too tough, the treatment would be to take care of the tissue before we move the teeth.

The second could be the bite which is cause for the space. In that case the bite has to be fixed before.

Now regarding the movement of teeth. As a rule of thumb, teeth move 0.25-0.5 mm a month. If we move it fast then it will most probably relapse. Slow is fast and stable in orthodontics.

I would strongly recommend getting a thorough complimentary consultation from a certified Orthodontist to see your options.

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Invisalign Express for gaps in teeth

Invisalign Express works well for very minor movement. While 3-4 mm may seem like a small gap, it's actually a pretty large gap to close. Your dentist can submit it as an Express case and you can see if Invisalign will accept it as Invisalign. With Express, you have to remember that after the initial treatment, you may not go back and refine anything (or perfect things) without additional fees. With Invisalign Full, you can refine and perfect the case.

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
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