Invisalign Express After Crowding from Regular Braces?

Will Invisalign Express be appropriate for older teenagers whose teeth have began to crowd two years after their riginal braces were taken off?

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Invisalign works great for most ortho relapse cases

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Yes, Invisalign is usually a good choice for the cases which starts to relapse after traditional braces. As long as your daughter has stable posterior bite, front teeth crowding can be easily resolved with Invisalign. The length of the treatment depends on the amount of crowding she has. Express treatment is limited to specific number of aligners and will work in some mild crowding cases. The necessary length of treatment is best determined by the experienced treating provider. Please keep in mind that the sound retention plan is necessary at the end of Invisalign treatment for future prevention of crowding.

Fremont Dentist

Invisalign is fantastic when they are the second time around for orthodontics

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It is not unusual to have teeth move after braces come off.  Sometimes it takes years to notice, and sometimes it shows pretty quickly.  If the movement is minimal and treatment can be done in 10 aligners or less (each worn for 2 weeks for a total treatment time of 5 months), then Express can work.

Invisalign express and minor crowding

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Invisalign express can be used for minor crowding if everything else is ok with the bite.  Your orthodontist/dentist can better answer this question better after an evaluation.

Hasan Othman, DDS, MS, PhD
Lombard Orthodontist

Invisalign for relapse crowding after braces.

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Invisalign is a great way to treat orthodontic relapse, the movement of teeth back to their pre-orthodontic position.  If the crowding is not great then Invisalign Express will be the product of choice.  If more movement is needed then poerhaps a full course of Invisalign is more appropriate.  You need to seek a qualified consultation to determine the best course of action.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Invisalign Express for post-braces crowding

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In most cases Invisalign Express is a good option for the type of crowding you get after braces.  One thing to keep in mind: if the teeth re-crowded after the braces there will be a tendency for this to happen again after Invisalign.  A good retention program will be needed to maintain the correction long term.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Invisalign express

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Invisalign express is a very limited treatment  plan offered for minor movements by invisalign.  Without proper diagnostics (photos, impressions,etc) it would be very difficult to tell you if she is a candidate for the express procedure.  My opinion would be to make an appointment with an experienced invisalign dentist to have your options discussed with you




Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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