Can I Get Invisalign? Am I Even a POSSIBLE Candidate? (photo)

Hi Im a Junior in high school, and i have crowded/crooked teeth on the top and i want to get invisalign soon so that i can be done with the treatment by college? I dont want metal braces because Im going to be a senior soon and that would look really bad.............. So in my case, my bottom row is pretty much straight but on the top row, i have crooked teeth that goes in a little too far in, and two front teeth sticking out Would i even be a possible candidate for INVISALIGN?

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Yes you may be a condidate for Invisalign.

High school is a stressful yet amazing time.  You have a point with not wanting to go around with braces.  Invisalign aligners can be used to orthodontically re-align your teeth.  Space needs to be made on the upper jaw to allow for the tooth on the right to be brought out into alignment.  Your teeth may be a little wide and may need to be narrowed a little.  The process may take about 12-18 months.  Find an approved Invisalign provider that has experience in orthodontics using Invisalign.  You are on the right track!!

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Can I Get Invisalign?

A more thorough examination by an orthodontist would be needed to evaluate your case one hundred percent, but you should be a good candidate for Invisaling treatment. There is a lot of improvement that can be achieved for your teeth with a proper treatment plan by a right doctor.

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