Can Invisalign Enlarge the Lower Arch? (photo)

After reading some great answers on this site, from great doctors, I think that, what i need is to widen the lower arch and push the lower teeth little back so that my diastema can be closed and the overbite/overjet can be corrected. Right? Or the lower teeth should be just pushed down? So, can Invisalign winden the arch or push the teeth down? Will it take long? Thank you!

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Invisalign can enlarge the lower arch..

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Arch expansion is very normal for invisalign treatment...its where we get the room needed to straighten crooked teeth. This is all done during your treatment and works very well. Your spacing would require about 8 months to close based on your photo. I would recommend a bonded retainer wire placed behind your two front teeth when finished tho,,cuz they are going to want to move due to the gum tissue present in the pix..

Los Angeles Dentist

Closing Diastemas with Invisalign

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Closing a diastema the size of yours can be done by reducing an overbite (extra space between the upper front teeth and the lower), opening a deep bite (the amount the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth), or reducing the size of the lower front teeth (interproximal reduction). Although these movements could be done with aligners like Invisalign, it is more difficult to get the roots of the front teeth parallel to one another using plastic shells. The other consideration that you need to keep in mind is the need for permanent retention after treatment. You will need to have a small wire retainer bonded between those teeth to keep them from separating after treatment is done. Good luck.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Enlarge lower arch

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We need more information to make a diagnosis in your case.  Invisalign may be tough.  You may need to consider traditional braces.  With invisalign your lowers could be reproximated and tilted inward to make a smaller lower arch.  Your disatema looks large so there may be more involved. It is best to get all the records done and get a couple of opinions once the dentist has them in his hands

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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