Why Are the Invisalign Docs So Upset by the Question About Parts Vs Labor?

Seven docs jumped in to NOT answer the question about the cost of invisalign itself, before the fee to the dentist. Don't condescend. People who use this site are intelligent health care consumers, not idiots. We know that there is a lot of education, office overhead costs, and the like included in setting fees for dentist's services. But that doesn't explain why you won't break down the total fee into Invisalign parts vs dental office's fees for providing them as part of a treatment plan.

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Invisalign costs before the doctor adds his fees

I actually answered a questiion similar to the one you are asking a few months back...Please look at my answer Invisalign Prices before the dental costs are added.  It was very straight forward.......our office charges $4500 for a full invisalign case.  We are out of pocket around $1800 for lab fees and another $500 for records that are kept, which most of the time we throw in as incentive for the patient to start.  We are out $2300 up front. That is your answer in dollars.  Much more lucrative for the dentist to do a veneer case, a whitening case or porcelain crowns. These usually require two visits and price can be $ 1100 per veneer. So that is a straight forward answer to your question....i hope this helps!





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Interesting question, but the wrong one regarding Invisalign parts vs. fees

In over 30 years of practice as a specialist in orthodontics,  I have never been asked what the price of an individual brace is or how much I pay for the bonding agent to put it on.  I have told many prospective patients, that I definitely won't be the least expensive doctor, be I offer a great value because of the superb results I get.  The results you get from Invisalign depend a great deal on the doctor you use.  Their expertise is a critical factor in getting the best results for you.  I assume that you want the best result you can get.  It is said that "A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing is a fool."  You need to concentrate on value.  When you have found a brilliant caring doctor who's main motivation is quality results for you, not pure profit, then pay a reasonable fee and forget about all the trivia such as lab costs.

Kent Lauson, DDS, MS
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Invisalign lab fees

IF a patient asked me to show them how much the lab fee for an Invsalign case I'd show them.  It is in fact  the highest lab fee of anything we orthodontists do.  I wonder, though, if your focus on the lab fee means you might be missing the real story.  I would compare it to asking a car dealer to tell you what the raw material in a car costs.  What is really important to you as a consumer is the true value to you: does the car function to do what you want, is it reliable and safe, etc etc.  You have every right to compare fees when shopping for a health care provider, and most of what you are paying for in dentistry is the doctor's care, skill, and judgement.  Focusing on the lab fees may not be helpful in getting the best "care value".

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
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Are you for real?

When you go to a restaurant do you insist on knowing the exact cost of the actual food before cooking? Must you know the actual cost of the wine before mark up regardless of the restaurant ambiance or location? Accept that it is not an appropriate question or go to Kmart for your dentistry where you obviously belong.

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