Which One is Better Invisalign or Damon Clear System?

i have two bottom teeth that are slightly pushed back and two on top the are slightly crooked teeth and and overbite, which one should i pick ?

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Aliners or clear braces

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The aliners level and straighten teeth. the braces will do alot more if that is needed. I always incourage to get several options and look at the pros an cons of all. The eary way is not always the best so be honest with your self and just do it the right way for your teeth

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign VS. Damon Clear Braces

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Apples and Oranges:)  Invisalign is invisible and it aligns the teeth fairly well if your bite is correct but that is really all it does.  Damon Clear braces will not only align your teeth but will upright roots and widen your jaws.  Damon Clear will always be the superior choice if you are willing to wear braces-- The only patients in my practice that choose Invisalign are those that are not willing to wear braces but want some change with their alignment.  My patients that want Invisalign when they come in and end in Damon Braces are always happy they picked braces when they are able to see the results.  Good Luck!!

Scott Vincent, DMD, MS
Sandy Orthodontist

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