Does It Depend on How Crooked Teeth Are to Get Treated with Invisalign?

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Invisalign candidacy depends on your teeth and your doctor

It's not uncommon to hear "Can Invisalign correct X?" Certainly, there are movements that can be difficult to achieve with Invisalign, but the scope of what is correctible is going to depend on your doctor. Treatment will also depend on your orthodontic goals.

The better question is whether your doctor has the experience in taking care of your orthodontic concerns with Invisalign. Remember that Invisalign is a technique, not a product!

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Invisalign Works Amazingly Well on Crooked Teeth

The short answer is Yes. Here's the long answer. If your teeth are crowded because they are larger than the real estate in your mouth, your available jaw "Arch space", Invisalign works well. If your crowding is due to skeletal issues or muscle tongue-thrust issues, this is more challenging. When your dentist diagnoses the cause of the crowding, then the best solution can be recommended. Invisalign is not one size fits all, but it's very effective for most crowding cases.  Go for it.

Dustin Nelson, DDS
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