How Much Does Invisalign for Upper Teeth Only Cost?

I have gaps on my upper teeth from my two front tooth and the teeth beside them. I'm considering getting Invisalign. I was wondering, how much would the treatment cost? Thanks in advance.

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Invisalign costs same even for upper teeth only

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Please don't choose one arch treatment. Go for both arches and if your dentist is saying to just do one arch them, please get another consultation. The dentists with the least amount of experience are out there treating one arch and I feel that it can be misleading.

Dr Thomas

Los Angeles Dentist

No different from treatment for both arches

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Invisalign's system does not offer treatment for one arch only.  The fee from Invisalign is the same regardless of whether you receive treatment for both arches or just one.  Therefore, you shouldn't expect any difference because you have chosen single arch treatment.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

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