Invisalign Cost for Spaced Teeth?

I have spaced front teeth, a bit of a gap. I'm wondering, how much would Invisalign cost for fixing this?

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Depends upon the complexity

The spacing of front teeth could be for a number of reasons which make the treatment more complex. If the reason is the bite then it becomes a little more complex as we have to do something to the bottom teeth to make sure the end result is permanent and not just while you are in treatment.

I would recommend that you see a certified orthodontist to evaluate your dentition. This appointment is complimentary and will give you all the answers!!

Good luck !!

Bellevue Orthodontist

$3200-4500 for space correction with Invisalign

Spacing can be one of the easiest problems to solve because the space is already there. It does depend on your bite and how the teeth come together in the front. Also, what result you are seeking can make a big difference. Good luck.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist
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