Invisalign Cost in Japan ?

i went to my ortho did the invisalign checkup an heres a summary. 2 lower premolars would have to be removed to correct an underbite i also do have a crossbite. treatment length roughly 2 years. i reviewed the clincheck with my ortho and he told me the cost would be 1000000 yen.( one million yen) which is roughly 7700 pounds and roughly 12000 US dollars.i would like to kno if this is too expensive cause i compared prices and felt that it might be too expensive.

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Price comparision for Invisalign

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It is very difficult to compare prices even within the US. There are many factor that contribute to the price of treatment. Aside from what the orthodontists pays out of pocket to provide the actual trays, there are other fix costs that have to be spread amongst the patients; like rent, malpractice insurence, sterilization equipment and chemicals, staff pay, etc.

Honestly based on the length of treatment and the difficultly on taking on an extraction case with Invisalign I think your fee is comparable to the US.

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