Invisalign Cost Comparison

i went to my ortho did the invisalign checkup an heres a summary. 2 lower premolars would have to be removed to correct an underbite i also do have a crossbite. treatment length roughly 2 years. i reviewed the clincheck with my ortho and he told me the cost would be 1000000 yen.( one million yen) which is roughly 7700 pounds and roughly 12000 US dollars.i would like to kno if this is too expensive cause i compared prices and felt that it might be too expensive.

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Cost Vs. Quality of treatment

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Cost of treatment should be way down your list in terms of considerations when attempting to treat a case as difficult as this one.  The jaw structure appears to be very asymmetric, and the upper arch is quite narrow relative to the lower.  There are many problems in this case that will require the absolute maximum control in terms of appliance therapy.  This really does not look like an Invisalign case to me.  If attempting to treat this without surgery, everything has to be extremely well planned and very carefully executed to get this to work out well.  Nonsurgically, this would be what is called a “camouflage” type of treatment trying to mask the underlying skeletal discrepancy.  The most important thing in selecting who to treat a case like this would be to have the doctor show you complete records on several other cases that are equally difficult where he has achieved excellent results utilizing whatever appliance he is planning use in your case. I would definitely want to see several examples of well treated cases of this type that he personally treated before embarking on a treatment plan; not examples from text books, magazine articles or advertisements.   With regard to cost, I have treated numerous cases that were as bad as or worse than this one all for considerably less than the $12,000 figure.  If an orthodontist is going to treat something this difficult however, he needs to have an efficient appliance, so he can get it done, do a good job and do it in a reasonable time. I don’t think Invisalign would be a good choice here.  For future reference in a case like this where there is a severe overbite or underbite, it is extremely helpful to have facial profile photos because facial appearance and profile are going to be big factors in making treatment decisions on this case in addition to the improper positions of teeth and underlying skeletal structures. We should not be treating just teeth here, the whole facial structure and appearance are going to be affected.  You want that to be planned first and not happen as an after thought.

Phoenix Orthodontist

Invisalign may not be the only treatment in the cost

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Based on the information you provided, perhaps the quoted treatment fee of $12,000 includes more than just the Invisalign treatment itself, since you mentioned extractions being involved.  Your case looks complex and may be better treated with conventional braces, OR a combination of other orthodontic appliances preceding the actual Invisalign treatment.  A clear conversation about the patient's expectations and what the dentist believes can be achieved is critical in a case like this.

Kristen Berning, DDS
Dubuque Dentist

Invisalign computer estimations are not always correct

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This case does not appear ideal for Invisalign alone, so the price quote might include other methods and techniques.  I think a surgical consult would help.

Invisalign is great, but the Clincheck (computer rendition of the case) is making assumptions, and sometimes the teeth don't move as planned.  Mid course corrections are then needed, and sometimes this cost can add up.

If this were my case, I would discourage the Invisalign route and go a more traditional method that may include surgery.

Do not look at the "cost of Invisalign". The fees are for the expertise and treatment by your doctor

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You'll find a large variation in fees for Invisalign across the internet.  Unfortunately, Invisalign is often viewed as a product, like a computer or a car, where you would usually look for the best price, as long as service is relatively equal.  However, Invisalign is a technique, rather than a product, where your entire treatment result can be different depending on how the doctor plans your treatment.  Therefore, there can be a significant difference in your result depending on the doctor you select, so the fee is for the Invisalign fee as well as a professional fee.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

Seriously??? $12000 US for Invisalign

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Roughly speaking, Invisalign cost in the US is around $5000.  Some charge more, some charge less...but $12000?  That seems high.

Your case is very complicated (appears surgical to me) and orthodontists can charge what they want based on the complexity of a case.  If the orthodontist is a top invisalign specialist and can show you results, then perhaps it's worth the money. 

I for one, cannot treat a case like yours with Invisalign and obtain the results I want. 

Good luck.


Todd Barnett, DMD
Akron Orthodontist

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